CarFirst Dost Program

Become a CarFirst Dost and Earn Cash!

Refer your friends to sell their cars to CarFirst and earn thousands in cash rewards. Whenever you refer a friend to sell their car to CarFirst, you put cash in your pocket!

Value of car referred Reward
up to 2 million Rs. 15,000
2 million up to 4 million Rs. 20,000
above 4 million Rs. 25,000
Join the Dost Army by filling the form below:
Please choose a username.
  1. Your mobile number will be your unique reference code.
  2. CarFirst can reject any application any point in time at our discretion.
  3. CarFirst can cancel/change/end any or all elements of the program at any point without prior notice.
  4. Register to learn more details.
  5. CarFirst Dost Program Rewards and Incentives are only eligible for payout on non-promo sales

How It Works

Step 1: Register Online

Signup to be a part of the Dost Army and start referring your friends to CarFirst

Step 2: Online Booking

Make sure your friend enters your unique reference ID i.e your registered mobile number when booking an appointment at

Step 3: Earn Cash

Earn Cash Rewards when your friend sells his car!